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The effect of light falling through coloured glass is fascinating. Glass is the only decorative device that allows the element of subtle change and unpredictability and it is this variable quality which makes stained glass such a profoundly creative medium.

Since the medieval age, people over the world have marveled at the beauty of the stained glass art form. . Many great experimental artists lifted the stained glass art from its traditional religious mystique and promoted it as a popular egalitarian art form.

The Stained glass art work is the most gorgeous way to display light. They offer supreme visual pleasure, as the light glitters through the tapestry of colours leaving a rich mantle of light on all the surrounding space. Stained glass articles are designed as ornamental and its rich colours will produce a jewel like effect. Above all, a stained glass work makes an important visual statement. It not only offers light but lo! It carries a dream world within itself. - Mita Parikh


In 1992, I started painting on glass , which can be witnessed at many places in Ahmedabad,but soon discovered that the origianal work was much more exciting as it involved more skill and importantly, precision. An opportunity to be trained at a stained glass studio in the US, inspired me and thus led me to put up an exhibition at the state gallery of Gujarat in 1998. Since then, I got an opportunity to work for many residential and commercial sites. Stained Glass art does not allow spontaneous inspiration. It is an art that is also a craft and so tools, techniques and materials must be used with sustained discipline. The effect of light falling through the coloured glass has always been a source of fascination for me. Stained Glass is the only decorative device that allows the natural light to gleam through it,thus creating a kaleidoscope of lovely colours. Because of modern innovations and techniques, now an individual craftsman has an opportunity to practice this art in a home workshop.



Decorative Panels

Light Catcher and Wall Clock


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Bh Apple Woods Community
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Hotel Comfort Inn
Hotel Sarovar Portico ( Khanpur )
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